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Print delivers proven marketing success

You’re looking for effective marketing solutions that deliver a solid ROI. The new social media “flavor of the week” might get all the buzz, but has it proven to be profitable yet? Here are some of the main reasons to consider print, and some of the surprising statistics that show why print is an essential element of some of the most successful marketing campaigns.

Print Delivers Results

Studies show that an amazing 79% of households read or scan the advertising mail they receive,1 driving both new and repeat business. In fact, 39% of customers try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising, while 70% of customers renew a business relationship because of a direct mail promotion.2

Print Offers a Great ROI

A Direct Marketing Association study showed that direct mail advertising gives businesses, on average, a remarkable 13 to 1 return on their investment (ROI).  Indeed, a study conducted for the Art Technology Group found that 60% of consumers surveyed make purchases via printed catalogs at least four times each year.4

Shoppers Prefer Print

Shoppers across all ages say that printed communication has a significant influence on their shopping decisions. On a weekly basis, 69% of shoppers relyon newspaper ads and 67% rely on direct mail for sales and product information. These numbers are even higher among younger shoppers who also specify weekly direct mail (92%) and newspapers (91%) as their most significant information channels.5

Given these facts, it’s no wonder print media is still the workhorse of successful marketing and advertising campaigns.

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